Jesus the Cornerstone Pentecostal Church of Hartford (JCPCH), 1061 Boulevard, West Hartford, Connecticut 06119

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Jesus the Cornersto‚Äčne Pentecostal Church of Hartford, CT 

F O U R   C O R E   P I L L A R S

Jesus The Cornerstone Pentecostal Church of Hartford Indian Pentecostal Malayalam Kerala Worship in Connecticut

" are fellow citizens with God's people..with Christ Jesus as the chief cornerstone..rising together as a holy his Spirit." Eph. 2:19-22 NIV pp

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Welcome to Jesus the Cornerstone Pentecostal Church of Hartford!

We are an Indian Pentecostal Church of Keralite (Malayali / Malayalee - Kerala, India) descent. In JCPCH, our vision is to witness about the delivering sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the saving faith in Him, to the people of Hartford and nearby places, humbling us in prayer for daily strength, and worshiping our God in truth and spirit! We realize that we are surviving in a world where things are not very favorable, but believe and encourage others to rely on God's word and Spirit to move forward!

Jesus taught us about going after the lost sheep wandering in wilderness drifted away from the protection of the shepherd. Freely were we saved from our life in the wilderness, and freely we want to proclaim this freedom in Jesus, the Son of God, to our brothers and sisters in Hartford. Jesus offers us freedom from sin and grants a fresh life where everything is made new!

Is not that good? If you think so, share our vision and be harbingers of the love of God!